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Taking your pet to the vet is almost never pleasant, but Animal Health Clinic works hard to create the type of positive environment where regular check-ups and health treatments are completed efficiently, effectively, and with care. Join us today and experience a different level of veterinary skill. Read More

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Full Suite of Pet Services

From spaying and neutering to surgeries and vaccines, Animal Health Clinic is a complete veterinary service provider. We provide reliable emergency and regular check-up services that are customized to your animal requirements and needs.

Our preventive medicine programs and diagnostics help keep your pets healthy by preventing future illnesses. Contact us to see how we can help.

Spay and Neuter

Eliminating unwanted pregnancies and lowering the chances of behavioral problems.

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Pet Surgery

Delicate operations performed by talented surgeons with extensive experience and training.

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Pet Monitoring

Maintaining a history of your pet's health means we'll be better prepared for future treatment.

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Parasite Control

Don't let worms and other parasites damage your pets. Get an effective remedy today.

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Pet X-Ray

Quality X-ray diagnostics to identify broken bones, enlarged organs, and other health issues.

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Animal Health Clinic

Animal Health Clinic, we have a very simple aim – to provide the best possible care for your pets at an affordable cost for Sault Ste.

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Full vaccination schedules for your dog or cat's entire life from birth until old age.

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Our in-house laboratory services means you'll have test results quicker than ever before.

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Let our pet nutritionists develop a custom diet plan to ensure your pet's maximum health.

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Animal Health Clinic, Whether it's solving a skin rash, dealing with a heartworm infection, or any other veterinary issue, we promise to deliver the type of compassion that we would want our own pets to receive.

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