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From the first few weeks and extending through the next approximately four months, nothing can do as much good for your pet's health as strict adherence to a vaccination schedule. In Sault Ste. Marie, Animal Health Clinic is one of the leading vaccination providers and we've worked with many owners to give their pets the best chance for survival and a healthy life.

Layers of protection

Most vaccinations for puppies and kittens will start within six weeks of birth and will need repeat visits to our Sault Ste. Marie clinic on a three week to one month basis. This preventive health care will give a layer of protection against specific diseases that can potentially be fatal and/or debilitating. After this initial period, some cats and dogs may need annual vaccination.

Vaccinations are a regular part of the day-to-day business at Animal Health Clinic. Recognizing vaccinations as extremely important, we're happy to explain vaccine procedure to any interested owners and we invite owners to be present during the process.

For professional vaccination services, call Animal Health Clinic in Sault Ste. Marie at 705-759-4555 to learn more about our scheduled plan of treatments.

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