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Pet owners in Sault Ste. Marie may have lots of choices when it comes to pet food, but the truth is that not all of these options are created equally. It's been shown that proper nutrition can have a direct effect on your pet's health and Animal Health Clinic is here to help you identify the best possible diet for your pet as well as give access to quality products.

Without a proper diet, a pet can have lots of different health issues, ranging from kidney and liver disease to full-blown diabetes. Food quality and feeding frequency are extremely important and all Sault Ste. Marie pet owners should have the basic knowledge to choose pet food products in an informed manner.

Custom-designed Nutrition plans

At Animal Health Clinic, we have studied pet nutrition extensively and are able to advise a feeding plan custom-designed to meet your pet's needs. In addition, we can test for food allergies as well as diseases and other health conditions caused by a poor diet.

To discuss your pet's nutrition with an Animal Health Clinic expert, it's best to call our Sault Ste. Marie location at 705-759-4555.

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