Complete access to laboratory analysis gives our vets unparalleled data.

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In-House Laboratory Services

Animal Health Clinic has in-house laboratory services, which means we can get the necessary data and start treating your pet much faster, thus leading to a speedy recovery.

Quick Diagnosis

Animal Health Clinic laboratory services include urine and blood analysis as well as parasite evaluations and cytology. With these standard tests, our team can quickly diagnose the problem and advise the correct treatment. In cases where more detailed analysis is needed, we have partnerships with more advanced labs in the area.

The benefit of in-house laboratory services is not only in the speed of receiving results but also in the lowered possibility of contamination or samples lost in transport. In this manner, Animal Health Clinic is able to increase the level of care we're able to provide to Sault Ste. Marie pets.

When your pet's health is on the line, choose the Sault Ste. Marie veterinarian with the best laboratory services. Call Animal Health Clinic at 705-759-4555.

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